Parked my 2008 passatfsi 2mths.Bought new Battery but still can't open doors. on 2008 Volkswagen Passat

Changed remote control battery as well now I'm left with option of breaking side door glass! Pls somebody tell me what went wrong. Lights are blinking whenever I try to open with remote control

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Have you lost the emergency key that is located inside of the remote? The key 'ring' is attached to it! There is a release button on the remote, push it to release this key. It will manually unlock the drivers door, after removing the cover that is on the rear part of the door handle, which will allow access to the hidden lock. IF you figure it out, and unlock the door, alarm will sound but then just start the car to make it stop! In ANY event, breaking the door glass is not really a viable option, call a locksmith if needed!