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2002 Buick Century Question: park tab for windshield wipers to go down.

I have done this twice and it gets bent again especially when it snows hard and it has build up of ice and snow. I have fixed once to where it catches it. then recently it snowed and I thought I got all the snow off but it now is in the upward position. Basically I am asking is there a way I can take the whole thing off to bend the tab correctly? it is kind of difficult to bend the tab in such a small space. I really do not want to go to an auto repair shop to fix it when I can just find another way to fix it myself and save hundreds. The wiper motor works just fine. Any suggestions will help me. Thanks -
Answer 1
Search youtube. Clean snow/ice from windshield before using wipers and turning wipers off and let them park 'before' turning engine off will help prevent this from happening again!! When snow/ice is imminent, lift wiper arms to the upright position before hand,, until windshield is cleared!! Eventually bending the tab is no longer an option over parts replacement! -
Comment 1
so basically I have to replace it -
Comment 2
No, but cant just keep bending the tab. Try to fix it best you can. -
Answer 2
can't help im in cali it doesn't snow here,doesn't even rain anymore.lol -
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