1998 Oldsmobile Aurora Q&A

1998 Oldsmobile Aurora Question: park lights 1998 aurora

Parking lights wont go off, what is the problem.First headlights would flash when the car was off. now the park lights wont go off. -
Answer 1
You need to check the factors that effect the lighting circuits, it sounds like security system could be involved. here is a link to a repair manual site, that will have a wiring picture, there is small fee, but it is worth it! http://bit.ly/mitchell_repair_manuals_online -
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My son accidently left the xm radio on and wore down the battery. We charged it overnight, but now park lights stay on even when car is not running. The only way to shut them off is to unhook batte...
The head light switch may fail causing erratic head light operation.
parking lights on off, dash do same when car is parked. Once running everything seems to work...
lights blink erratically on and off for hours.Also the electronic box controlling lights sometimes makes loud noise. Now window on passenger side only works from driver. Battery gets run down.