Park assist and stereo have broken due to replacing the battery. What's the fix? on 2005 Volvo S60

My park assist failed shortly before I replaced the battery. Could this be due to a low charge on the battery? Also, once battery was replaced, the CD player went out. Swedish car place across the street quoted me $2k to fix the individual components, but it seems like a simple computer upgrade or reset would solve this issue considering everything was centered around the battery being replaced. Anyone have a similar issue?

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On Volvo cars always need a jumpstarter or a jumper cable hooked to the battery cable .If you miss tha some control modul trouble codes needs to be reset,
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There are probably some fuses that blew. The usual story is when the car was jump started the cables were placed backwards. This will usually blow some fuses. It does this to protect the circuitry. I would check the fuse panel first. There is one in the rear of the car. Under the dash above the left drivers foot and in the engine compartment.
Thanks, but the car was not jumped. The battery was simply replaced due to normal wear over time. Could it still be a fuse problem?
Yes . But the car needs power until you replace the battery because some system will throw trouble codes and they go to fail safe mode that needs to be reset.
It depends on how the battery was installed. It could still have a blown fuse or fuses. Don't worry about resetting the car. On this platform vehicle when the battery is disconnected it will erase all fault codes that would be intermittant or caused by the battery low voltage at the time it was replaced. If there is a permanent fault somewhere it would still store the code until it is resolved. It is very likely the repair is very simple and resolved easily.