Paint splash on my car from the city workers, that white paint. on 1995 Toyota Camry

This paint is used to make the white strip down the center of the road. It splash on my car and I need to know how to get it off.

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try some bug/ tar remover they sell it at any parts store like auto zone or pep boys
ok, will try it and see if it comes off, I just happen to have some bug/tar remover in the garage. Thanks
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red kerosene and 0000 steel wool.i used it everyday when i detailed wont hurt the finish.if any paints on the glass,just use a razor blade.
This red kerosene, where do I find it and also the 0000 steel wool.
the red kerosene is just home heating oil.the 0000 steel wool is sold at lowes or home great for road grime,tar instantly.
Thanks will try it....after I try the bug/tar remover.......will let you know if it works
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