Paint Issue on 2011 Honda Accord

I just bought a Grey Honda Accord two days ago and there is a nickle size lighter grey spot under the clear coat on the door. The dealer is going to sand and repaint/clear coat the entire door. Should I be having this done with a car that only has 60 miles on it????

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A supplimental answer to Crashd is that ultimately the repair direction is your choice. I am with you in that it seems challenging to ruin factory paint for that small spot. It is indeed the only way to fix it right. I often recommend to my customers to leave well enough alone, as a factory paint job (even with that small defect) is far better than a spray gun repaint.

Ultimately, the choice is yours.
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It is very common for vehicles to be damaged in shipment to the individual dealers, a small scrape here, a ding there, that's not even covering something that was missed at QC before it shipped out of the assembly plant. What i'm getting at, is it is common for small paint repairs to have been done to a vehicle before you buy it brand new.

As long as the repair is to your satisfaction, that is what is important.