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2006 Chrysler Pacifica Question: pacifica clunking noise

If I shift my chrysler pacifica from park to drive or reverse or back to park I hear a little clunking noise and sometimes when I drive about 10-15 mph and I'm on and off the gas I hear the same clunking noise? Just wondering what that might be? Thanks -
Answer 1
Worn engine mounts can cause a clunking noise like you describe particularly as you take off from a stop. Some engines have an engine stabilizer or "dog bone mount" that stabilizes the engine as the engine torques as the engine is accelerated. -
Comment 1
do you know if 3,5 front wheel drive has a engine stabilizer "dog bone mount" ? Thank you -
Answer 2
Sounds like the motor mounts. My wife had the same problem with hers. Just change the front one on hers. -
Answer 3
There is a revised PTU (Transfer case assembly) for these vehicles. I have 2 sitting in my shop and both are doing the exact same thing. The gears in the t case are pressed onto the shaft and overtime the splines on the shaft wear out. You have to buy the complete new assembly from chrysler. At least thats what chrysler tech line will tell you... -
Answer 4
Possible motor mounts. Had same prob on my '06 Pacifica. Clunking going in/out of gear, also when step on gas forward or reverse. Replaced 2 of 3 motor/trans mounts, clunk noise was gone. -
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