P420 Catalytic Converter on 1998 Chevrolet Venture

Unable to find a OEM GM Part - Catalytic Converter. I have had it replaced with a Walker & Magnaflow but the converter keeps going bad after about 1 or 2 months. Not sure if there is something else wrong with my van or if the mechanic is doing something wrong. I have not found anyone else having this problem and I know there are alot of 1998 ventures out there. Help. Is there anywhere that stocks parts which GM no longer makes.

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walker cats do not have enough precious metals in the converter to keep the light out.
ask for a super cat made by bosal. we use them with great sucess. they are available at parts houses.

Do you think this is better than the magnaflow? I was told that that one was the best. Also, my coolant light has just come on. I checked with Dobb's and they said all levels were good and that it probably was a stuck sensor. In 2003, my lower intake was leaking coolant and had it repaired and replaced as well as gaskets. I keep reading about the venture having this problem with their gaskets and that leaking coolant can hurt the cat. The light just recently went on and I have been having cat problems since 12/2007. The cat has been warranted but the labor I have paid for twice. What do you think about a possible coolant leak or have you had problems like this with other cats until you used the supercat.

Just looked into the Bosal. I do not believe that they make a Super Cat for the 1998 Venture