P2070 P0410 on 2004 Mazda RX-8

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2004 RX8 6MT 93,xxx miles. I recently got the 2 CEL codes p2070 and p0410. I checked round and found that the 0410 is a result of the 2070 code. I know that it's the SSV stuck open code. So here's my question. I haven't experienced any loss of power, I have seafoamed the SSV and ran it with no issues. The light is still on, so now I'm wondering if it could just be the SSV switch or solenoid, basically something electrical. If it is an electrical problem how would I go about diagnosing this, and ruling out the SSV itself. I'd rather not tear the engine apart only to find out it's just a matter of replacing some sensor, switch, solenoid ect. Any input is welcome, thanks.
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There's a good chance it is the switch. I'm having the exact same problem. Both codes came up. I rented a vacuum hand pump from autozone, plugged it into the ssv actuator, and watched as the ssv opened and closed. I also sprayed wd40 into the ssv to open it up a little and lubricate it. Still got the code, upon further investigation I found that the ssv switch that tells whether or not the valve is open was crushed, and was definitely defective. I found a used part on ebay for 30 bucks and am going to replace when it arrives