P1744 on 1998 Ford Contour

I have a strange problem with my ford contour. when I drive at a normal speed it drives okay. But if I come to a sudden start and begin to pick up speed the car jerks through the first and second gears. then it drives normal but when I come to another stop and begin to pick up speed it jerks through the first and second gears. Now when I come to a complete stop and turn the engine off and start the car It drives okay through the first and second gear.
Also I noticed the check engine light on. So I had it check out and the code showed P1744.
Can someone please help. Thanks In advance

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Ford has a technical service bulletin (TSB) that may help fix this issue. Have your local repair shop retrieve this bulletin and see if it will help them fix the problem, or you can get the bulletin along with a repair manual here:
Here is a brief description:
FORD: 1994-1997 PROBE
1995-2000 CONTOUR
2001-2002 ESCAPE
1999-2002 COUGAR
Some vehicles equipped with the CD4E transaxle may exhibit harsh and delayed 1-2/2-3 upshifts along with DTCs for gear ratio errors after the Transaxle or Turbine Shaft Speed sensor (TSS) have been replaced. DTCs may include OBD1codes 628, 642, 645, 646, 647, 648, or OBD II codes P0731, P0732, P0734, P0741, and P1744
Here are some shops in your area:
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This code means the torque converter clutch is slipping excessively and probably needs to be looked at by a transmission repair shop
tranny could be slowly going
Believe it or not you are correct because that is the problem with my Probe