P1451 canister vent solenoid circuit system on 2002 Mazda Tribute

02 mazda tribute 4 cylinder 5 speed. Code p1451 canister vent solenoid system. Light came on today had it checked by a buddy at work. completely car iliterate. Just curious what that is and whay its going to run me. About 2 months ago ran over an animal on road and it tore apart a lil black cover on driver side about a foot behind my door. A black box which the mechanic said was the emissions control box was hanging have it zip tied up. due to being unable to find a replacement cover. A. Could that have something to do with it. And is a fix you can do yourself. Or is it a lengthy troublesome fix? Thanks all

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The black cover you speak of conceals componets of your evaporative emission system, of which are in question here. So yes, it could be related. Verify all components back there are connected as designed. The canister vent soleonid could be at fault. It is located in that area.