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1998 Ford Mustang Question: P1450

I pluged my OBD II scanner and all the monitors are ready but the EVAP SYS-Not ready. No MIL light on but it gave me OBDII P1450-Unable to bleed fuel tank vacuum. Should I replace the Purge solenoid or the FTP sensor? -
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Hello, sorry to see you didn't get any advice here, were you able to figure out the issue with the evap system? Was it one of the parts you mentioned? -
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I replaced two parts that resolved my problem. First I replaced the gasket that connects the gas tank to the filler neck. ( it was damaged ). Second I replaced the purge solenoid and P1450 went a way. I smogged the car on December 21 and it passed. -
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Thanks for the update, nice work! -
Answer 2
How much was it to replace the Purge solenoid? I have a 98 Explorer and it failed smog with a OBD code of P1450 (Unable to bleed fuel tank vacuum). Sound like the same issue possibly. -
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Answer #2 The purge solenoid cost me about $5.00 at a junk yard. Tips: Check your filler neck seal, Gas cap, Purge solenoid, and last but not least Fuel Tank Pressure sensor (on top of gas tank, attached to the fuel pump assembly unit). Also some times the vent valve is blocked by dirt (mud) or spider webs that can trigger a P1450. -
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