P1443 on 1997 Ford Escort

what is a P1443 Manufacture code

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P1443 - Evaporative Emissions System Control Valve
This is related to the emissions system, and the Purge Control Valve is either failing, plugged or the vacuum lines are plugged/disconnected.
Here is some info about what the Purge Valve is and how it works.
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purge control valve(pcv)/purge control selenoid
I made a video on how to troubleshoot P1443 P1444 P1445 P0443 engine codes on the 1997 Ford Escort and 1995 to 1997 Ford Ranger. It's all part of the Evaporative Emissions Purge Flow System:

I also made a video on how the system works:
I hope this helps anyhow else that comes across this problem.