Toyota Camry Problem Report

Toyota Camry Check Engine Light With Code P0770 and/or P0773

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The Check Engine Light may illuminate with code P0770 and/or P0773 stored. This would indicate a fault with the 3-way lock-up solenoid which could be defective and may need replacement.

P0773 check engine: Shift solenoid E Electrical comes on only when engine is hot Not fixed as yet -
0773 code,.....everyone tells me i need a rebuild to repair, i have no notice of issues in driving or shifting, have 215,000 now....cant get an inspection, only a waiver thru the state DPS...Id like to repair the solenoid and flush out the system, some say shops just want the money they know they can get by telling me to rebuild...couple people say it could be a risk that they do the repair and fluid and it goes out completly....i just need a honest answer....and not be in-debt over it -
I do not have a solution yet, but I got code P0773. The check engine light has been coming on radomly and sometimes the O/D light comes on blinking for a few minutes. I am trying to find where the lock-up solenoid is and I'm trying to figure out how to test the system to make sure that it is the lock-up solenoid. -
Noticed transmission slipping. Had fluid changed, seem to stop for a few months but is back again. Tripped code this time. Not sure what to do. -
Camry 95, V6. Check engine light up. Flashing O/D OFF. -
The Check Engine Light turns on and off. Also the O/D light flashes, remain lit or sometimes turn on and off. Trouble code is P0773, Shift Solenoid E Electrical. -
This problem been on and off for a long time, and accompany with odd shifting issue, cold car, 2nd to 3rd gear must over 3000 rpm, And last gear (70 miles at 2600 rpm) mostly won't reach. -
Loud Clanking noise when shifting into Drive or Reverse not sure if this is a result of the P0770 code issue. researching further....any help would be appreciated... -
Check engine light on giving codes P0135 & P0773. O2 seemed ok by emissions. -