P0715 (input Turbine/speed sensor malfunction) on 2001 Mercedes-Benz C240

Hi I have a MB C240-2002 with just 50,000 miles - the transmission stay in low, I turn of the car & wait for15 minutes when I turn it on again the problem was gone, but as soon as i get home the problem cames back, a mechanic scan the car & the scanner says: Code - P0715 Input Turbine/speed sensor malfunction, how do I replace the speed sensor, where is the location (inside the transmission or outside) please help me!!!! it's my only car I need to work!!
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it is a straight forward job , remove the connector on the passenger side by twisting it then the female side have an 8 mm bolt in the middle hold in it, loosen the bolt and pull the outer connector straight (no twisting at this time) .empty the oil in a bucket that can hold up to 7 quarts so you can measure the oil so you add the same amount later,.after remove the oil pan,and the remove 10 star blots holding the valve body.when it is out remove the electronic part on the top and replace it with a new one . remember to align the shifter when installing. no panic easy job reset your ECU codes
7mm not 8mm
do it cold or you may destroy your valve body
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Were you able to get this issue resolved? Did you replace the speed sensor? Did that fix it?
yes by having some body that I meet tha have the scanner for mercedes charge me one HR I took him 15 minutes to down load the car vin code so the transmission control unit will reconize the conductor plate. this scaner din''t show the code the turbine speed sensor.
I have 2001 clk 430 I have the same problem hat to replace the ransmission control unit and the harness in dealer they do not have the experiance that when they see that the trans. plug is leaking it have to be replaceif not oil goes thru the wires and flood the ecu givind you that problem them i will mess you conductor plate in the transmission ones is replace you will need the mercedes benz scanner to reset all because any other will give you turbine speed sensor PO 715 code wit hthe dealer scanner will give you that the car vin code need to be enter to reconize the conductor plate is like an IP adress.
today i experienced the same problem with my car (1999 mercedes benz c280 )it still starts normal but when speed up it acts up ~ did you get yours fixed if so please give me some tips as to what it is that caused it and how much to fix also error code P0700 also came up.:)
I can not get logged in. Someone please help. My Mercedes is a 2007 with this same problem. Where is this sensor? Drain transmission fluid? Can any shop other than. MERCEDES FIX THIS PROBLEM.?????? for your answers. Thank you in advance
Tengo un problema mercedes e430 2001 p0715 que es me puede ayudar.