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1999 Volkswagen Passat Question: p0432 thrown after replacing cat and both 02 sensors?

The code was thrown again after I replaced the cat, both o2 sensors, plugs and wires. I have checked the SAIP and EGR valves. They all work. I compared the o2 test readings between bank 1 and bank 2 for all four sensors. They are virtually identical. Difference of .1 volt. When I changed the plugs, the plugs on bank2 where uniformly lighter than the plugs on bank one, which were uniformly browner. Any ideas? -
Answer 1
What are the fuel trim values? Long term and short term -
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I will check them as soon as I get the breather tube and PCV valve back in it. I put my hand on the tube and it it shattered. >:/ -
Answer 2
you may have fuel trim issues. were di d you get catt converter? -
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catco. It was listed as oem replacement. -
Answer 3
If the secondary sensors are following what the primaries are doing under proper monitoring conditions then you may have cats that aren't up to spec for that vehicle.Follow the other suggestions. Did you replace just one converter or both? -
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I replaced both cats and all four sensors. Used bosch sensors. -
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May not have addressed the Cause , only the results of another system failure. -