P0410 & P0491 Codes on 2006 Mercury Milan

My car just threw 2 codes related to the Secondary Air Injection System. Based on the ese codes can you give any direct on what I might be looking at, specifically, to repair? ie: air pump, check vavle?

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P0410 is a generic AIR system inop code. I do not see a P0491 air system fault code - could it be P0419 - that would be a fault for air injection system "B" relay.
No, definately P0491. "Secondary Air Injection System Insufficient flow" See it here http://klmperformance.com/diagnostic-trouble-codes-ford.htm

Funny, the check engine light went off. The codes are still in there. I am going to clear them and see what happens
I have the same thing on my 2006 Mercury Milan, both codes. I was told by the Ford dealer that I need a new diverter valve on the air injection pump costing $485 for part and labor! Part costs about 50% of bill price. I am searching for the part to see if I can do it myself of if there are other options. If the car will pass my state emissions test, I will most likely fix it at a later date. Hope you have better luck and this information helps.
I thought that emssions had a five year warranty.