2004 Kia Optima Q&A

2004 Kia Optima Question: p0335 troublecode-crankcase position sensor

what is involved in replacing this sensor,would this cause the car not to turn over and start? -
Answer 1
A failed Crank angle sensor will cause an engine not to start. Your car can come with a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder engine in it. The crank angle sensor on the 4 cylinder engine is about $125 and two hours labor to replace, the 6 cylinder engine the sensor is about $60 and only takes about .6 hour to replace and then the code needs to be erased, car driven and rechecked to see no other codes return. -
Comment 1
would the car try to turn over or nothing at all? i turn the key and nothing. -
Comment 2
Even with a failed crank sensor the engine should crank when the key is turned. Check that the battery has sufficient voltage to turn over the engine, must be 12,6 volts if not charge the battery or try jump starting the car but let the other car run for a while first. -
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Do you have a diagram of where this is? -
Comment 4
where can i find the Crank angle sensor for a 4 cylinder honda? -
Answer 2
Once is really bad the car wont turn over. -