p0300 random missfire code for 97 chevy s10.. on 1997 Chevrolet S10

i have changed out everything on this truck but the tps sensor and the map sensor.. and am still getting the p0300 code for random miss fire code.. i erase the code and start the truck first thing in the morning when its cold and its great. when i shut the truck off and restart it the code comes up in about 20 min.. should i change out the map and tps sensor? please help

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It may be your fuel pump. It may be weak and not adding enough fuel as it should. I know this probably not what you wanted to hear, but that what it is.
check your coil packs or spark plugs,
wouldnt that show up as a coil code?? I have same problem replaced plugs, wires, rotor, cap, spiders, fuel pressure reg, filter, fuel pump. coil pack is 2 years old. runs good for a while then stutters for a while. Engine light comes on then goes back off. it'll run for days or weeks then starts the cycle all over again Totally at a loss to fix problem