P0300 Multiple Random Misfire on 1996 Chevrolet S10

The Check engine light keeps coming on and every time it is the p0300 code. Not sure what exactly is causing the problem. It only comes on when I'm driving over 15 miles and when driving and just applying very little pressure on the pedal is when i can feel it start to stumble or hesitate. Never a problem when accelerating. I have an OBDII with live data to help me troubleshoot the problem, but don't really know what they the components should be reading as far as the MAF and MAP sensors. Compression test check out ok and as far as ignition i really don't think that could be it either because only time it has a problem is when adding just the slightest bit of pressure to the gas pedal. Anyone have any ideas to what i should look at or do?

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when was the last tune-up? i have a 94 Jimmy 4.3 have had the same issue as you twice in the past, both times it endend up being bad fuel injector.
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I would check the fuel pressure. 56-60 psi recommended. Also the distributor is know for wearing the drive teeth, pull and inspect. Spray your spark plug wires with a squirt bottle and look for arcing. Check the gap on the plugs, 65 thousands. All are possible causes.