P0172 code .Running rich on Bank one. Car runs fine most of the time, then stall on 1997 Oldsmobile LSS

p0172, p1406.Maf and Map sensor changed. Throttle cleaned Iac cleaned. New air filter.Changed a couple of vacuum lines. No gas comes out of fuel regulator when the vacuum line is pulled. Long term fuel around -14,short term about -3,4.Freeze frame stats are:
rpm- 2404
TP% 22.4
load Pct 32.5
ECT (F) 199
Shortft% -1.6
longft% -15.6
p1406 code is egr valve pintle position circuit. Which is weird because egr valve has been changed also.It sits over two holes bolted on by 2 screws and connected electrically.
Engine starts on high idle then the idle goes downrunning a little rough some pinging then idles fine?plenty of power when acceleratingfrom low gear but when I am running aroung 35 or over it almost seams to accelerate too smoothly. I have to look at the accelerator to make sure that I am accerating.

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I sprayed around the engine around the vacuum hoses and around the manifold no change in idle.I heard maybe engine temp sensor?
usr a smoke mach spraying doesn't always work.
don't have one of those and I don't know who would have stalled today, was running fine then I got into stop and go 5 o clock traffic and luckily got home just in time before it stalled. when it stalls it doesn't come back on right away, you have to wait and eventually it will turn on. I waited half hour and it turned on and got me to work.. a twenty min ride. I took the expressway to avoid as much traffic as possible. Also, lately, it seams to stall when my fuel is low.. just under 1/4 tank, so I filled up the tank. I watched the needle go from just under 1/4 tank to low fuel then almost stall then go back up to just under 1/4 tank.It always seems to stall when I am in hot weather + stop and go traffic. The temp gauge shows just over 200 degrees
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