Oxygen Sensor Replacement on 2002 Toyota Tundra

In your "What to watch out for" section you state, "On vehicles 1996 and newer, using an inexpensive "universal" oxygen sensor will cause problems with the emissions system and is highly discouraged."

How can I make sure I'm not getting a universal sensor? What type of oxygen sensor should be used? What can I find pricing for the sensor so I can compare to what the shop wants to charge me?


Asked by for the 2002 Toyota Tundra
The best way to insure you are getting a "factory" spec O2 sensor for your 2002 Toyota Tundra is to purchase one from your local Toyota dealer. The problem with "universal" O2 sensors is that the "heat range" may not be the same as a factory sensor. If purchasing an aftermarket "direct fit" O2 sensor you should try and make sure it was make by the same company who made the factory O2 sensor. Please see the repairpal estimator - - for the cost of replacing an O2 sensor on your Tundra.