Oxygen sensor failed smog check on 2002 Hyundai Sonata

My oxygen sensor and catalyst are not running on the monitors resulting in failed smog check. If I install a new oxygen sensor will it pass on the monitor? I heard it still might not, but im not sure. I've tried driving a certain way but that didn't work.

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is the check engine light on?? If not, then you need a drive cylce. Hyundai has a very specific way to drive the car to run the monitors. a shop can do this for you.

Thanks, yeah the check engine light doesn't come on. How much do they charge to do the drive cycle?
Hi Justinj4... Good question. I have a Hyundai too. And I'd like to know myself what a fair price would be to do the drive cycle (on a dyno in a shop). I attempted to do it, but it was really hard. You should see what is required. It was insane driving. Only a nut would drive that way. I am so mad at Hyundai for requiring such an insane driving cycle to reset these monitors. I plan to call them (at their headquarters) and give them a piece of my mind! I am so mad at them.
What exactly were the driving conditions, I have tried everything and one place I went said 4 to $500 to do it but if I get the spec maybe I can do it myself
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The only way to get the monitors to run is to drive it. We have had a few cars that were not running the monitors due to the vehicle not warming up quickly enough. The computer needs to have certain criteria met before it will run the test and the engine getting to operating temp quickly is usually a key factor.
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