Oxygen sensor on 2005 Toyota Highlander

8 days ago, after picking my car up from a 55,000 mile servicing, within 15 minutes the Check engine light, Trac on light and VSC lights all came on simultaneously. I immediately took it back to the Toyota dealer where it was serviced and they put it on the computer and said it intermitttantly gave the signal that an O2 sensor needed replacing. They did not have the part in stock and since the lights went off they told me to see how it did and if the lights came back on they would order it and replace. The lights came back on within 15 mins after leaving so I called and had them order the sensor. Later that day the lights went off and have not come back on for past 7 days. Could this be a fluke and something have inadvertantly happened during the 55,000 mile servicing (oil change, brakes checked and tires checked) that caused the lights to come on, i.e, fluid contamination or an engine misfire for example?

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I had exactly the same experience one week ago, when I just went in for an oil change/tire rotation at 100,000 miles. As soon as I got home the same lights came on. I returned to the dealer, and they discovered that whoever changed the oil managed to spray it all over the engine and foul the oxygen sensor. They replaced it immediately, and the light has not come back on. Further problems tho...on the same day the tire pressure indicator light came on (tires were rotated), and though all seems to be in order, the light continues to come back on after I reset it. So, back to the dealer to figure this one out. All because I needed an oil change...
Thank you for your reply. I had a suspicion it had something to do with what they did, but they did not own up to it when I went back, which you would think they would have noticed oil spray on the engine. Makes me distrustful of taking my car back. But I certainly will print your response out for the service manager. The light has never come back on, but they may have shortened the life of it anyway. It is a $500.00 job to repair this.