oxygen sensor on 2000 Lexus ES300

thanks to dandd for answering the question.Would the answer still hold even if the codes were different I believe 0130 ,0125 for bank 1 sensor 1 area.Bosch is OEM so I presume you meant it is defective.Should I buy NGK or bosch next time

by in Dayton, OH on September 11, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 11, 2009
Codes P0130 is an oxygen Heater Circuit failure. I would use NGK. I don't know who told you Bosch is OEM on a Lexus. In almost all cases, German parts are used on European cars and Japanese parts are used on Japanese cars. And it does make a difference. I have seen some weird symptoms not following this rule, because the sensors have their own calibrated heat ranges, just like spark plugs. I have seen codes set with a perfectly good Bosch Oxygen sensor in a Japanese because the calibration was not perfect. When I put in the NGK, NTK or Denso part, all the problems went away. I do Smog Diagnosis and repair at a Gold Shield Station in Calif. This means that I have to maintain a top 4% statewide accuracy in my Diagnosis and Repair in anything that is Emissions related or we lose our Gold Shield rating. So, this forces me to be extremely careful and accurate. P0125 is a completely different animal. It is a problem that indicates that the engine is taking too long to warm up and is usually caused by a worn out thermostat. Any OBD-II engine must raise its operating temp by at least 70 degrees F or be above 160 degrees F in the first 15 minutes of operation or the computer will set this code. It is because a cold running engine runs richer and therefore pollutes much more than a fully warmed up engine.
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