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2001 Toyota Avalon Question: OXY sensor replaced twice within 1 month. OEM part Bank 2,sensor 1

Check eng light diagnosis - replace oxy sensor listed above. Had it replaced & after about 2 wks, chk eng light comes on again. Took it back & they replaced it again. Now it's been about 2 wks and the light is on again. Reputable repair shop. Also had diagnosis done at 2 different places and both showed sensor. what could be going on? -
Answer 1
What brand sensor was used? Were the circuits to and from the sensor checked? Lot of things can cause a sensor code but it aint always the sensor. A sensor is what it says, it senses a problem in a particular area and tells the computer, then the computer tells you. After that it is a matter of diagnosing and repairing the problem. Sometimes it is a faulyl sensor, sometimes not. -
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Not sure of the brand. I will have to ask my mechanic about the circuit. But the second time around, besides installing another new sensor, he said he checked everything he could think of. He had also ran a new check on the code. Thanks for your help -
Comment 2
Some of the aftermarket sensors are junk at best. I have good luck with Denso, NGK /NTK. This is just MY opinion i may be wrong! I am sure your mechanic knows all of this stuff already. Car running ok even with light on? -
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My car is running fine. I don't notice any difference in the milage. Is OEM aftermarket? I think he purchased it at Autozone. He told me to always get OEM parts. Now that you mentioned it, the box was Denso. -
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O.E.M. Orignial Equipment Manufarcture would be a toyota part. Which i think is mfg. by Denso! -
Comment 5
Thanks so much! I guess we have eliminated one of the issues! -
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Yep i think so, hang in there with your mechanic cause a this point he/she knows more about it than anyone else! I know you said HE but just trying to be nice. Good luck! -
Answer 2
agree with #1. -
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Thank you! It always helps for ANY extra info that I can use to tell my mechanic what extra things he can check for. -
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