Owners manual on 1998 Volvo V70 XC

Does anyone know of an online manual? I just bought the car and the previous owner can't find it.

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I have a 2000 V70 XC AWD and no manual but I found a free download and printed it myself. It's big but complete. Go to devicemanuals.com and try there. I got mine from a Volvo website but can't find it now. It was a Volvo books thing but you'd have to look around for it. Also try entering "free download volvo owner's manuals." You can get a free one but have to try different things.
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You can find one here: http://repairpal.com/automobile_owners_manuals_online
check this out

I suggest going to Ebay.com. That's where I bought my manual. There are a number of offers there that not only include the printed manual, like the one a new car owner gets, but also a PDF version, for making a check on the computer.
I had the same problem I ended up buying one off ebay. you can also get them from a salvage yard. i think i got mine for 10 bucks on ebay.
Check the Autozone website start from this part of their website http://www.autozone.com/shopping/vehicleSelect1.htm
I just looked on EBay they have an owners manual and workshop manual for your car.
Thank You!
I downloaded one today at http://www.volvoclubthailand.com/man/pdf/om/volvo_v70_owners_manual_2001.pdf
I just a 99 volvo v70xc awd manual from my volvo dealership down the street from me for $50.00 so check with your closest dealership.. if they do not have one then ask them to search for one for you..mine was brand new