Overheats on 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

2003 Dodge Ram w/5.9 eng. runs hot w/a/c on and really runs hot when towing my race car trailer.Has new waterpump,radiator,theromostat and extra aftermarket cooling fan on radiator any ideas? Thought mite try to see if a 5.7 radiator maybe bigger not sure

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I'm sure that the radiator for the 5.7 is the same, why would it be bigger?
Maybe you're pulling too hard, try not using overdrive or 5th gear when towing. Also, get the temperature checked by a Dodge specialist reading data on his scanner while driving to be sure what the temp really is.
Also check the exhaust for obstruction, that would cause it to run hot big time...
If you want to find a Dodge specialist, here's our directory link for you:
FYI: Running as hot as 205F would be normal in hot weather. You didn't mention what temp the engine runs in degrees, that would've been helpful.
I am not pulling in overdrive and the temp is 225 degrees plus when ckd w/DRBIII scan tool while driving ,The truck that we had in our shop was a 5.7 and the core was thicker