Overheating/Lack of Ventilation May Cause Rear Axle Seals to Leak on Nissan Titan

Overheating and/or lack of proper venting can cause the rear axle seals to leak. Excessive fluid loss can result in major damage to the rear differential assembly and/or axle bearings.

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Average mileage: 95,747 (32,000–208,900)
Drive Trains affected: 2WD, 4WD
9 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013
87 people reported this problem
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2005 Nissan Titan - 4WD 50,423 mi,
This rear axle is mis-designed from the start it eats axle seals like candy. The axle shaft is supported by a single tapered roller bearing. Any moron knows it takes 2 tapered roller bearings to support a load. Basic engineering tells us that this single bearing set up is crap.why there has not been a recall is beyond common sense.they recall crap like wires and fans but let this ride. Where is justice... I am replacing mine this time for the last time. Then I will let them leak and saturate the brakes. Then ride the brakes hard down mountains until the piece of crap burns to the ground. Then buy a real truck like a gm product!"!!! There is a street justice recall. This makes the third set of seals and breathers evev though the breathers are kept clean.
2005 Nissan Titan - 4WD 76,000 mi,
Noticed abnormally dirty wheel, closer examination indicated fluid leaking from right rear axle seal.
2007 Nissan Titan - 4WD 93,000 mi,
When vehicle had 62000 on it I took it to the dealer in Traverse CITY and told him about the vent problem on the rear differential the service manager said he never heard of this. I told him I wanted the vent replaced and he said the mechanic replaced it and I was charged becouse it was not pluged. At 90000 8 months later the pinion bearing started making noise and I took it to a local mechanic he opened the pig and it was full of moisture and he said the vent was never replaced we tried to get parts from nissan and their fix was to replace the whole rear end for 2000 dollars my mechanic found a outlet in Tennessee that just started manufacturing complete seal and bearing kits for this Dana rear end. He mentioned this was a comon problem with Nissan Titans and thats why they started to manufacture these kits. My mechanic said another 100 miles and I would have wiped out all the gears in the rear end. I would think this was a safety issue but Nissan in Traverse City, They have another dealer in Grand Rapids same owner, didnt think so. The seal and bearing kit will save you 1800 bucks so dont let them tell you they have to replace the whole differential.
2004 Nissan Titan - 4WD 38,000 mi,
Both rear seals are leaking on my truck. Quoted over $700 to replace seals. Have read about so many people having the same problem. I can't believe Nissan hasn't had a recall. A lot of people have had to replace at least two times.
Right axle seal was replaced at 37,000, again at 93,000 and is leaking again at 137,000. Totally unacceptable costs associated with keeping this vehicle road worthy.
2004 Nissan Titan - 4WD 134,000 mi,
Leaking rear differential.
2009 Nissan Titan - 4WD 63,000 mi,
My 2009 titan started bumping and thumping in the rear. I took it to a nissan dealer this morning they told me I needed the whole rear replaced becuase it was all full of water. I do not 4 wheel nor do I own a boat. There needs to be some recall on this!!! bill cost me $3200
2006 Nissan Titan - 4WD 58,000 mi,
Rear axle seal failed and required replacement at my cost of $350.00
2006 Nissan Titan - 4WD 114,000 mi,
Same problem with moisture inside the rear end and seals leaking nissan says $2600 to replace. This should be a safety recall, diff. Fluid running down near the rear brakes I have filed complaints with nissan and https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/index.xhtml. still waiting to hear from NHTSA
2006 Nissan Titan - 4WD 42,000 mi,
Started seeing fluid behind rear wheels at about 40,000 miles. Keep filling differential fluid every few months since can't afford work done. Finally found mechanic that will replace rear seals/breather less so hope there's no extra damage when they pull it apart. Why doesn't Nissan warranty this problem??? Or at least offer compensation due to design flaw. Dealer wants $35 a piece for seals...
2004 Nissan Titan 122,000 mi,
Right rear axle leaking
2005 Nissan Titan - 4WD 186,000 mi,
Noise and vibration at 40 - 60 MPH under the truck.
2004 Nissan Titan - 2WD 135,000 mi,
I heard a whining noise on the way back from a 200 mile trip. Took it to my mechanic and he said the rear end was leaking. He opened it up and there was water in there. He said the rear end was shot. cost me $2300.
2005 Nissan Titan - 4WD 77,000 mi,
In 2014 had my transmission and radiator replaced due to a recall.. Year later I was driving on the interstate and heard a loud pop and grinding noise. Made it to the dealership and it was leaking and smoke coming out the back. They told me I needed to replace the whole rear differential. New $3,000 or used $2,100... They said I hit something that put a whole in the seal!!! Had my truck towed to my house had my neighbor mechanic look at it and there was no whole or damage to it, seal was missing... Nissan needs to make it a recall so many problems and people spending money to attempt to fix the problem. Ugh!
2004 Nissan Titan - 4WD 80,000 mi,
Just bought the truck got it at a great price. I notice on the way home it started leaking fuel in the rear end. It locked up about a mile from me. I had the whole rear-end replaced for $2300. Yuck!!!!!
2005 Nissan Titan - 2WD 161,000 mi,
Rear end started leaking then within a few days blew the seal. Luckily I was close to home so no long further damage. Replaced seal and back on the road. Including the cost of the socket I bought, the entire repair was less than $50.
2013 Nissan Titan - 4WD 60,000 mi,
Rear diff pion leak. Full of moisture. Vent failed. Needs replacing
2005 Nissan Titan - 2WD 65,000 mi,
Rear driver axle seal began to leak... Seems to be a common problem.
2004 Nissan Titan - 2WD 127,000 mi,
Mechanic replacing left rear axle seal, bearing and spacer. Not sure how long it has been leaking.
2004 Nissan Titan - 4WD 140,000 mi,
rear bearing replacement discovered it needed new rear axle