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2001 Pontiac Sunfire Question: overheating problems

my sufire keeps overheating,have replace thermostat and coolant?cooling fan not coming on? -
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The system is overheating and losing coolant, cannot see a leak anywhere. We replaced the thermostat twice just in case the first one was a bad one. The temperature hand will read normal when its c...
MY car starting overheating the other day so I changed the thermostat, the waterpump and sensor to computer and the overflow tank to pressurize tank. Car is still overheating, anyone have any other...
it started overheating check enginelight came on changed thermostat no change what could cause this p.s. blows cold air
my cooling fan does not go on when car gets hot changed coolent temp senser and relay fuses ar good
There will be little black drops of liquid on the ground that drip from the exhaust... Also blows a bit of black/blue smoke. Overheated recently and the coolant compartment was empty.... Filled it ...