Overheating issues help! on 2007 Chrysler 300

When sitting it works fine. You drive it overheats and blows coolant out of reservoir jug. I've tried everything.

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what do you mean you have tried everything?
I've changed everything that can be. The only thing not replaced is the radiator. Now the heat worked for a few mins and now nothing and as soon as I drive it straight to red and shoots out jug.
Everything- what that mean? If you need help got to be more specific including any service work performed.
Timing chain water pump thermastat.
check for plugged heater core
I blew the whole system out. If it had a blown headgasket and was boogered up. When I flushed system and everything would it cause this?
could be a head gskt,I would pressure test cooling system and pull the spark plugs out and crank it over to see if anti freeze blows out the cyl
I bought that stuff that tests the fluid and it went from blue to a positive yellow. My dream car has turned into a nightmare! Spent all my money on car and parts. This female has had