Nissan Altima Problem Report

Nissan Altima Overheating Due to Stuck Closed Thermostat

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The thermostat may become stuck closed, causing an overheating condition. Replacement of the thermostat will be required to correct this concern.

2 years ago my car kept overheating, temp. guage showed no movement to alert me, with numerous related problems up until this day and 2 rebuilt engines. NEVER AGAIN will i buy a Nissan product!!! -
A/C works only upon acceleration. Blows warm air when idle at traffic light. -
Have a water leak someplace the auto ran hot. check engine light came on. The fan works good but water circulation in radiator with cap off is an off and on process. -
Overheated only once, took straight to shop. Head gasket warped and had to be replaced. Very expensive. -
Car keeps overheating. I have no coolant and the heater blows out cold air. Finally the car went out and had to call tow truck. Waiting to hear cost of repair -
Engine overheated, check engine light came on. Brought car to repair shop, had cracked block and needed to be replaced. Water in all cylinders. -
I started to smell coolant when I would get out of my car, it never did over heat. So I took a flashlite and pointed it into the radiator resivor to light it up and it was almost empty. Dropped it off at the dealer and they called me saying my thermostat is stuck closed and I have a very small leak on the top radiator hose. Went ahead and changed the bottom radiator hose also. -
gauge flactuates -
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