Overheating Due to Damaged Water Pump on Lincoln LS

Erratic engine coolant temperature or intermittent overheating can be caused by corrosion inside the water pump. The impeller may spin on the water pump shaft or the impeller may corrode. Either condition reduces coolant circulation resulting in engine overheating.


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Average mileage: 128,840 (61,094–195,000)
Engines affected: 3.0L V6, 3.9L V8
7 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006
53 people reported this problem
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2006 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 132,002 mi,
Was driving for about 10minutes when it sounds like a jet plane under my hood. My temp went straight to hot in seconds so I pulled over and turned off car. After, 15mins I was able to restart & finish my 10mins drive back home but soon as I reached my driveway it went straight to hot again.
Overheating and put new thermostat, still overheat. Run aircondition and overheat within 5 minute. Don't know what the problem. Had it checked was told p1299.
2000 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 136,471 mi,
I changed the water pump in my car and the hydraulic fan and it still overheats I dont know what the problem is
2001 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 171,000 mi,
Engine overheating water is boiling in tank when I look under the hood can't even drive it long enough to get home
2004 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 142,500 mi,
Engine overheating, replaced thermostat and housing still overheating. When running the fan sounds like a jet airplane. Heats up with or without the ac or heat being on.
Car runs hot goes to normal temp then shoots back up to hot says engine powers reduced then runs hot and shuts off
2003 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 120,000 mi,
Temperature shot up then went back to normal , less than a minute later temperature shoots back up again and check engine light comes on. It started beeping and then the dash read engine power reduced and my car died on the side of the road
2004 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 107,200 mi,
overheating.. replaced all plastic that needed to get replaced, replaced thermostat, replaced heater core hose, and resavoir. i'm guessing now water pump..ugh
2004 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 115,000 mi,
just keep overheating and the Ac keeps blowing out hot air
2005 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 94,500 mi,
engine over heats put a new thermostat same problem
2002 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 124,000 mi,
Overheats within ten minutes of cold startup. After overheat notification engine was shutdown. After about one minute engine cooled properly.
2000 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 92,000 mi,
Car keeps over heating and and runing hot leaks behind front drivers wheel
2003 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 100,000 mi,
hello, problem remains with overheating.
The LS has a hydraulic pump that shares the power steering fluid to power the engine cooling system. I have replaced that pump 4 times, the cooling fan 3 times and the radiator twice. Car has been a service nightmare since I purchased it new ,August 2002 including replacing window regulators over 12 times.
2001 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 171,700 mi,
My Lincoln LS is over hearing, on a cold start up I can proly go 5-8 miles and it will start to over heat. I change the thermostat housing, tube assembly too the cooling system and radiator... Still having problems. Ima try to change the water pump and see if that fixs it
2006 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 100,000 mi,
Multi-system failure. Cost to repair $3,200 for impeller, head gasket, subsequently fouled coil ignition pack and water pump.
2000 Lincoln LS - 3.0L V6 143,218 mi,
I drive it does overheat but when I stop all the water comes out of the over fill
2004 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 130,000 mi,
Not fixed yet
2002 Lincoln LS - 3.9L V8 132,000 mi,
Overheats at a stop light or going high way speeds and sounds like a semi truck. When giving gas