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1999 Cadillac Catera Question: overheating

99 cadillac catera overheated and water that come out of resevoir left an oily residue. Blown head gasket? -
Answer 1
very likely. get it leak down test to confirm. Roy -
Comment 1
Is this something I can do or do I have to take it to a mechanic to get it tested. -
Answer 2
Bad coolant/oil heat exchanger. Common problem. -
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The hot water control valve may develop a coolant leak resulting in engine overheating. A leaking valve should be replaced.
Car overheated after a short drive while testing in order to reset the computer after replacing the brake modulator.Not short on water.
the oil is mixed with the coolant and dont know why it is happening, could it be because of the car overheated, whic is strange due to the fact that never seen it over heat.
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