overheating on 2003 Volvo S60

when idling the temp is fine, drive a short distance and car begins to overheat. Changed thermostat, didn't help. Any ideas?

by in Darlington, SC on January 08, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 08, 2011
This is kind of an odd symptom for an S60. I would try to make sure it is actually running hot, because it may be a gauge or sensor problem. This will require using an infrared thermometer. I would also check that the cooling fan is operating properly. Hope that helps, good luck!
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...ak that had a blown head gasket said it was going to cost $3000.00....andy56guy engine was not overheating if any thing it was running cooler
Is it okay to drive until I can get the car to the shop? The car is running cool and not overheating.
checked coolant and also cranked and ran, not blowing any steam or running like it is overheating. fan is running after shutdown.

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