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1997 Buick Park Avenue Question: Overheating

My car is running hotter than normal. After driving for about 20min it starts to heat up to 200-205. If I slow down or stop the car heats up to 205-210 I have changed the thermostate, flushed the coolant, and check the water pump. I'm not sure what else it could be. What should I check next? -
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I will send an email to you with an article I wrote regarding cooling system problems/overheating. -
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Can you email me your solution? I have the same issue. My e-mail landsnet@yahoo.com Thanks -
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will you pls send me the article regarding cooling system at carlosamaro021470@yahoo.com tks -
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your97 park avenue thermostat is a 195 degree thermostat. normal operating temperature is between 195 to 215. when it get's to 210 if it cools back down every time, then you should be ok. i live in phoenix arizona. very hot and dry in the summer. my car does the same thing and has never overheated. if everything else fails, and your temperatures outside will remain above freezing, remove your thermostat every summer. takes 5 minutes. remember to put it back in come winter time :)... -
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