Overheating on 1995 Lexus ES300

the engine started overheating a few months ago, when it cooled off I replaced the top hose & that seemed to have worked. Then the other day it was overheating again so after checking the lower hose I replaced that.
Now it still seems to be getting hotter than it had been.
What can I do without a garage to check the cause?
Also, where is the thermostat & waterpump?

Asked by for the 1995 Lexus ES300
I really recommend having this serious problem properly diagnosed by a professional. You are playing with fire if you have an overheating engine, and not fixing the problem can lead to big time damage and repair bills.

If you are determined to do it yourself, I recommend a repair manual that will tell you how to access the thermostat. I would not recommend replacing the water pump if you have never done that kind of repair before.