overheating on 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

my temp. gauge went to the top and I pulled over and shut car off. Checked coolant overflow and it was fine. Was low on oil so I put 2 quarts in. Started to drive-3 minutes latter same thing. Upon checking fans are not working. Replaced relays and still nothing. when we connected a wire to the fan motor and the other end to the positive cable on battery, fan worked-did the same to the other motor and fan worked. could the problem be the thermostat control sensor? If not, what else could it be?

by in New Port Richey, FL on April 17, 2011
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ANSWER by on April 17, 2011
Really need to get a wiring diagram and trace the cooling fan system, other wise your are just guessing, which will empty your check book before the car is fixed. Try Alldatadiy.com for info.
COMMENT by on May 09, 2011
Dan,,, I kinda got the same thing only my fans work with ac on. but if guage goes beyond mid line and not on ac when I get into traffic ,,,,water boils and fans are not on...then (your gonna love this) the reservoir (replaced twice with new one, plus cap, plus temp sensor, and last year thermostat) the reservoir spits antifreeze out--in betwween the seam of the reservoir/ on the side closest to the firewall... GRRRRR gonna get another reservoir tomorrow but, it is made with 2 pieces fused together,,,,Is there ANY way to wire a Manual fan switch or just have fan come on all the time in the summer.. ...It only gets really hot when not moving with car in gear,,,like in traffic..I know the fans are supposed to come on when it reaches 3/4 but water is literally Boiling before that.. it s got me stumped and irate--have to put ac on to get fans (any other way) could it be the water pump? HELP
ANSWER by on May 09, 2011
Dan is the man,,, got somewhat the same problem and hopefully can give some minor fixes that fixed mine(enough to get the fans on) Relays and fuses .....I found one of my fuses in the box in the engine was blown,,the fans now run ONLY when I put AC on... THe Temp sensor is about 14 dollars at Autozone and is easy to do,, need a deep socket 19 mm or 3/4 deep. BUT to check,,, with car running un plug the temp sensor, should turn both fans on high speed,,,if not check all fuses and swap all relays.....btw How many volts do those fans run on,,,considering making a switch to turn on the fans manually without the ac in my car?
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