Overheating on 1996 Nissan Sentra

This car still has a LOT of pep when you step on the gas pedal.Recently, it overheated on the interstate after 45 minutes of driving. I discovered the radiator cap was "off" sitting upside down next on top & to the side. I don't know if my son left it off while checking the fluids prior to my daughters trip, Or if it blew off from overheating. Regardless, there was no fluid in the radiator, & the rubber gasket under the cap was shredded. I filled it with water & drove it home. Brought to the garage next day & they replaced the radiator cap & thermostat. Not driven again until two days later. Again overheating. Did not overflow. Caught it in time, when gauge shot up to "HOT". Expected to have to add water again but none was lost. New coolant (Replaced with new thermostat)was still full. Air Bubbling into radiator, was told "Head Gasket" is shot & Timing chain making noise. (But No milky oil, Or white smoke out the rear.) $1500.00 to fix Or put in a "Used" engine. Either way, No guarantees beyond 60 - 90 days. (On parts) Have another friend who tells me sounds like an "Air Pocket" and the radiator needs to be "Burped"???? HELP!!!

by in Kings Mountain, NC on June 07, 2011
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ANSWER by on June 07, 2011
i believe the shop. once you overheat the engine, head gaskets are common with the possibility of a cracked head. i would investigate a used motor. it makes perfect sense. warranties on used motors are 30 for smoke and noise. as far the engine repair, it depends on the shop but 90 days is stretching it. Roy
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