overheating on 2002 Ford Focus

the water in the resivor gets depjeted for no apperant reason.I can reservice it and it will run fine for period of time. Ive checked for leaks none found. it is not leaking on the ground. any ideals. I was told it might be interna, but the oil clear and not mikly.

by in Houston, TX on April 09, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on April 10, 2009
Have the cooling system pressure tested. There is an adapter that fits to the radiator cap and something like a bicycle pump attaches to that. The cooling system is then pumped up to 16 0r 18 pounds of pressure. This simulates system pressure the car may experience while running. The next test to do is called a "block check". The cooling system is got hot/operating temprature and the cooling system is checked for the presence of carbon monoxide which is a by product of combustion. The only way CO can be present in the cooling system is if the head gasket is bad or cylinder head is cracked. If pressure testing the cooling system does not pinpoint the source of the leak dye can be added to the sytem as the system leaks a stain is left behind showing the location of the leak.
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