overheating on 2003 Toyota Camry

When my car is in traffic jam it overheats, It does not overheat when i drive on the freeway. Have cleaned the radiator fins. I have not changed the thermostat or the radiator cap. Could the top gasket be weak or blown.

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First thing to do is have a shop pressure test the system to make sure the cooling system can hold pressure and you can locate a shop near you here
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number 1 you need to find out and see when is overheating that the fans are on if not this is your problem.
Good morning, please I need solution to my car Camry 2003,, my car was overheating last week Monday, forgot to cover the radiator, and discover after 5 hours on road, so I later stopped and allowed to cool down for like an hour, change te oil and oil filter, ten add water, the next day, I notice the temperature gage fluctuating, took the car to mymech, and change the jascket, but still , the temperature gage still fluctuating and overheat.