OVERHEATING? on 2000 Mazda 626

i have a '00 mazda 626 lx, automatic 4cylinder, 2.0L engine, my problem is in the past few months i've replaced the following parts on my car: cooling/fan assembly, thermostat, radiator, radiator hoses, my water pump is good. But my problem persists i do not have water in the oil, no smoking for tailpipe no fluids from tailpipe, car doesnt miss runs stong and good but only for about 5 miles hwy, or about 30 mins in traffic and around town, im wondering could i have a blown/warped head gasket and just not know it? I have been told its either, heater hoses, temp gauge, or head gasket? im lost plz help, i am open to any and ALL suggestions/help!! I am a single mom and i need this car cant afford another one so "WHAT HAVE I MISSED??"--thank you!!

by in Hattiesburg, MS on October 14, 2010
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ANSWER by on October 14, 2010
You have covered most of the bases -- so good try so far. Have you verified the cooling fan comes on when it should? With the engine hot or the A/C on does the fan operate? You have replaced the fan, but what about the relay that works on that circuit? Worth looking at if the fan doesn't come on. As far as head gaskets or engine head issues...if they are failed, you will usually have an exhaust odor present in the coolant reservoir, so if possible, smell the coolant in the reservoir bottle to see if it smells like exhaust.
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