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Honda Pilot Low Beams Not Working Due to Poor Connection at Combination Switch

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An overheated wire in the head light harness can cause the low beams not to work. Replacing combination light/turn signal switch switch, the wire for the low beams, and the combination switch connector (if damaged) should repair this issue.

Both low beams went out simutaneously on my Pilot. Replacement bulbs didn't help and fuse is just fine. Ninety dollars later Honda service reports the headlight harness is burnt. To replace the whole harness will cost $988, or a used one for $442, or I could get one myself from the bone-yard and have them install it for $137. According to the internet this has been an ongoing problem with Honda...Time for me to switch from Honda's to something else! -
had smoke from steering column, removed cover and found burning wire to light switch connector, low beams went out but high beams work, gonna research this -
Passenger side headlight stopped working because the connector/socket had melted. Have not fixed yet but apparently this issue has been recalled on 2003 Honda Pilots, but not on 2005, despite the numerous occurrences & complaints. Honda needs to include the 2005 Honda Pilots in the recall as well. I am filing a complaint with the NHTSA. -
high beams work, low beams do not. No solution yet. -
While driving early morning hours on interstate with low beam headlights on for @2hours I detected smoke coming through steering column. After identifying that only system in use on steering column was headlights I switched them off and smoke subsided. I never confirmed whether lights were still on. It was sunrise so I couldn't tell at time of incident. I immediately cancelled trip and headed back to home town Honda dealer. I described problem and they checked and confirmed that the headlight dimmer switch shorted out and started melting wiring harness. Issue is being corrected but will cost @ $600 without main wiring harness replacement. Technician stated he can repair main wiring harness without replacing it. I am concerned with safety and reliability of car in future. I had planned to let my 16 yr old daughter drive for school vehicle but now will trade off. -
All lights are working now, but I've replaced the low beam 8-10 times since I bought it used in 2008. I always keep a spare in the glove box. no one could find the trouble. -
no low beams or fog lights. high beams work. checked all fuses and relays they are all okay. will replace the dimmer switch on the steering colum tomorrow. -
both high beams are out. replaced bulbs and they are ok. replaced relay. now changing out the dimmer switch... although I doubt that's going to work as the other lights surrounding the low beams come on. :[ -
high beams only. low beams went out simaltaneously -
Right low beam stopped working, bulb and fuse are fine, wiring to bulb appears to be scorched. No power at contact to light bulb. Looks like another problem with our 2006 Honda Pilot. If Honda doesn't fix this it will be our last Honda. -
lost both headlights at once. fuses still good, fog lights work. -
My 2007 Honda Jazz had Low beam headlights flickering on and off whilst driving and then no low beam at all. Globes and fuses all ok however Honda Australia say there has been no re call for no low beam in Australia. Peel Honda want $135 per hour to try and identify the cause plus parts with no estimate of costs. Web site says 27000 Jazz in Australia were recalled for no low beam however Honda say this was America only. Dont know where to go from here. I am in Australia however your site would not allow an Australian zip code so I used 60001 -
I'm having the same problem with my 2007 Honda Pilot where I replaced the light bulb for the headlight (drivers side) and checked the fuse and nothing. I then took it to my mechanic and he said it was either the light switch or wiring from the harness. He thought there may be a recall so I then called Honda and they said the recalls are for earlier models and not for a 2007. I may need to take it to the dealer since it may be over my mechanics head. -
Both headlights went out and new bulbs didn't fix it. Have to try a dealership to see if they will fix and how much. -
Low beam headlight out. New bulb doesn't work. -
Low beams gone, high beams OK. fuse ok and bulbs changed last year. -
right side low beam not working -
Replaced HB3 (high beam) bulb purchased from Honda dealer but still does not work. -
We have in the last few years replaced the headlights on a regular basis. I have written next to the headlight the year and month that I have replaced. We have had the switch replaced, but this has not corrected the problem. Honda replaced the bulbs with a "Honda" grade bulb, and they failed also. The passenger bulb fails more frequently then the drivers. Considering to switch to Xenon HID which do not have filaments. -
Both headlights suddenly went dangerously dim - too dim to illuminate the road. Looking to fix the issue now -
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