overheated on 1992 Lexus ES300

my lexus started to overheat so i pulled over and ther was steam coming from the hood so i let it cool down for a while or until a tow truck came to bring me some water. as we were putting water into the ratiator, I had the car stated but it was running rough so when we were done I tried to drive away and it made it about 100 ft and then it dyed out after that it wouldnt start it would just crank but not turn over?

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Most repair shops will perform a simple test to look for traces of carbon monoxide in the cooling system, (called a block check test) to check for a blown head gasket. Genuine Toyota coolant /antifreeze is red, many aftermarket coolants are green. On Toyota and Lexus products that have higher mileage and neglected cooling system services (coolant flushes), the coolant tends to turn orange and rusty in color on vehicles that have been driven for a prolonged period of time with a mildly blown head. If the head gasket is found to be blown in inspect the radiator for damage. Original equipment radiators had plastic tanks that cracked under increased cooling system caused by a blown head gasket. I have seen many ES300 head gaskets repaired only to experience radiator failure a short time later.
Hello Patrick I have a 1993 Lexus ES300 I was just wondering how much would it cost to replace the head gasket.
Please use the PepairPal estimator to find the cost to replace the head gasket(s) on your 1993 Lexus ES300 - here is the link -
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It could be that when the engine overheated your head gasket may have blown. (Two head gaskets on a V type engine). You should have a qualified technician inspect your engine and confirm the fault with your cooling system.