Overflow bottle keeps splitting on 2004 Dodge Intrepid

I bought new bottle 6 mths ago and car had not run hot. Now I had steam coming out of hood & smell antifreeze, when I raised the hood could see a stream of antifreeze coming out side of bottle agn. But my temp. guage stays on halfway mark. I asked mechanice who put on 1st bottle & he said sounds like a blown head gasket. I said how not run hot, no water in oil, no smoke from tailpipe. nothing..but it keeps blowing out my bottle. even bought new radiator cap. Was told it would blow before the bottle? I'm confused??

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Have a combustion leak test performed on your car, this will tell without a doubt if the head gasket is bad. Most people assume (even some that are car savvy) that if a head gasket is blown, water will be in the engine oil, not true at all, and may not steam from exhaust or overheat either. What it will do is allow engine cylinder compression to enter the cooling system and cause all kinds of problems, just like you have. If CO leak test is negative, then start looking for other possibilities. One question, does it have a misfire or "skip" just for a few seconds, when first started, after sitting overnight?