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1995 Ford Explorer Question: overdrive off

my truck is flashing overdrive off, thats a problem? i thought i should just push the button to turn it on. do i need to fix it or can i just ignore it? Also, my truck just started leaking power steering fluid could this just be the lines or does the whole pump need replacing? -
Answer 1
i had this same problem on my 95 explorer had to have tranny rebuilt $1800.00 -
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flashes for a few weeks, then off. than starts flashing again. No problem with trans shifting.
I would driving and the overdrive light starts flashing. Overdrive is off. What do I need to do? Can you please help me?
overdrive off dash light flashes rapidly and a hard shift from 2nd to 3rd.
my overdrive light flash when driving and cannot be turned off, but when I turn of the inition, it reset.
When vehicle warms up the over drive light comes on and stays on. when vehicle is turned on after a while the light stays off for a while but comes back on. It it just a bad sensor?