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2005 Ford Expedition Question: overdrive not working

I need help!! I was driving my truck and pulled to a stop light. When the light change I pulled off but once I exceeded 50mph the engine reved up like it was in neutral. The truck kept repeating this until I cut off the overdrive. No signs or lights. Pease where can I start? Is there any fuses, relays or sensors that control the overdrive????? -
Answer 1
There is no fuses that are particular to overdrive. First, check the condition of the fluid level, smell and color. If these are good, the concern may be electronic, but a diagnosis must be performed. Some transmission shops give free diagnosis. I hope this helps. -
Comment 1
I have the same problem in my 2003 expedition. -
Comment 2
I have the same problem in my 2003 expedition. did you find out what was wrong with yours. -
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