overdrive locking up on 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

there is switch near the tranie inside engine comaprtment that attaches to a socket at the top of the drivetrain. whenever I plug it in my car will after a while of driving either shut down or won't start, untill i turn unplug the overdrive switch. i was told it has something to do with a switch under the dash near the break pedal that may need adjustment.?

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it may be the lockup torque converter is sticking on. i know of no switch under the dash for over drive.
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If you come to a stop and the engine dies,then after you start the car and place it into drive position,if the engine dies again,it may be the converter solenoid located in the transmission.This solinoid disengages the lockup converter clutches inside the converter housing.If the solinoid does not funtion properly your car wont want to stop after you slw down to make a stop.