1992 GMC Vandura 2500 Q&A

1992 GMC Vandura 2500 Question: over tighting

can overtighting of your push rods cause the engine not to start and if the motor dosent start can there be damage to the valves and springs -
Answer 1
If you over tighten the rocker arms (connected to push rods) the engine will not have compression so it won't fire, You possibly could have bent some valves, Did you back off on the rocker arms? -
Comment 1
well one of the push rods broke and one bent but the motor never started -
Comment 2
OK you need to check the other push rods by rolling then on a flat surface to make sure they aren't slightly bent, Then go purchase the amount needed and make sure you bring a sample so you can get the proper length and diameter. -
Comment 3
ok so whats the proper tightness for the nut on top the rocker arms ive gotten 8 new rods -
Comment 4
Did you figure out how to adjust to lash on your lifters yet? -
Comment 5
no i havent had the chance to get out to my van im working on it today so no i havent had to adjust the lash ive only got to the point of installing the new push rods -
Comment 6
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are the rods under the valve cover replaceable if one broke and another got bent from over tighting