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2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: over heating

i've replaced the water pump, belt. still running too hot. about to change thermostat. could the head gasket be blown? not water in oil, no oil in water. no disapearing coolant. no smoke. no collap[sed hose. can get it to cool down some running the heater on. -
Answer 1
I would start by verifying that the cooling fan is operating properly, then replace the thermostat. If the head gasket was bad enough to cause it to overheat I would think you would start to see some symptoms like you mentioned. -
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as i had the water pump replaced, the guy quickly checked the fan out and said it was good. will change the thermostat Sat. thanks -
Answer 2
My truck did the same thing. I had the thermastat replaced and the fan clutch. If you have driven it while it was hot it could have blown your head gasket. Also you may need to have your radiator rodded (flushed). Hope this helps. -
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turned out to be the fan clutch. thanks! -
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